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Specific Power of Attorney BE IT ACKNOWLEDGED that I Full Name the undersigned do hereby grant a limited and social security number Address Phone as my attorney-in-fact. Said attorney-in-fact shall have full power and authority to undertake and perform only the following acts on my behalf The authority herein shall include such incidental acts as are reasonably required to carry out and perform the specific authorities granted herein. My attorney-in-fact agrees to accept this appointment...
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. execute, record, attest and authenticate power of attorney and execute powers of attorney in any form to the highest extent permitted by law; 2. file a power of attorney document on one specific person under (or in lieu of a different name, but not under) the name of Full Name of Address; 3. authorize any person to take any and all actions authorized herein; 4. approve the actual power of attorney document; 5. submit a written statement to the court attesting that all powers of attorney filed or executed in accordance with this power of attorney have been executed and accepted; 6. submit the final completed statement of power of attorney as well as any attachments, forms, fees, and/or reimbursement for any power of attorney documents executed or accepted, to, and received by, the court; 7. enter an order of full power of attorney for all actions authorized herein. It is the sole responsibility of, and shall bind, Full Name of Address to execute and accept this power of attorney or another power of attorney with the exact wording specified in this power of attorney as specified above, and to sign the final document. The attorney-in-fact is required to maintain a copy of this document on file with the court. All power of attorney documents shall be executed and accepted as valid when executed by Full Name of Address and a signed copy of the power of attorney document must be filed and attested in the court. If the attorney-in-fact is not in Full Time Business with the court, they shall promptly notify Full Time Business by leaving a Notice of Intent to Re-Entrance of Service with the clerk in writing. If the Attorney-in-Fact cannot be reached within one hundred seventy (180) days to execute the power of attorney, then the power of attorney shall be invalid, invalidated, rescinded and the Court shall issue a court order to the full power of attorney. If any action or proceedings which are the subject of any power of attorney document are prosecuted further due to the attorney-in-fact's inability to execute the power of attorney, the court may cancel the power of attorney and hold the other party/legal entity, attorneys, any co-defendants etc. responsible and liable for any damages incurred as a result of its execution and acceptance. This power of attorney and any associated powers of attorneys cannot be used by a third party without express permission of the Attorney-in-Fact and must be executed and accepted by the Attorney-in-Fact personally. Power of attorney cannot be assumed by a person
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Hello this video explains how a power of attorney works and provides the reasons risks and resources involved in granting them a power of attorney may sound intimidating, but it's actually much simpler than you might think it's a notarized document that grants another person the power to act on your behalf for a certain purpose and timeframe the person granting the power is the granter or principal the person receiving the power is a grantee agent or attorney in fact now this doesn't mean this person has to be an attorney or that they will magically become your lawyer it can be anyone over 18 years old so let's just refer to this person as your agent there are many reasons to grant a power of attorney they're helpful when you're unavailable or unable to act on your own, and you need to have someone act on your behalf whether you're a service member away from home on deployment or ta D or a retiree or dependent experiencing medical limitations these are some of the most common reasons to grant a power of attorney while powers of attorney can be handy authorizing another person to act on your behalf involves inherent risks you must understand mainly you will be legally bound to the actions your agent takes, so it's crucial to reduce the risk of accidental or intentional misuse before granting a power of attorney you should always consider three factors need scope and agent for instance only grant powers as needed and avoid granting powers for tasks you can accomplish yourself also limit the scope of the power a great way to do this is by making it a special power of attorney that only grants power for a limited purpose and a limited time frame and finally only grant powers to an agent you fully trust to accomplish the mission and immediately revoke powers from anyone you may no longer trust this helps reduce the risk of granting power to someone who could obligate you to debts or purchases you can't afford to remember when your agent acts on your behalf you will be the one responsible to foot the bill now that you know how to reduce the risks of misuse let's compare and contrast the various power of attorney options special powers of attorney are the least risky because they limit the powers you grant your agent, and they automatically expire after one year you can make any of these options a special power of attorney special powers of attorney for real estate are more risky because these allow agents to lock the granter into expensive transactions however as the name suggests these are still considered special or limited powers of attorney because they identify specific real estate your agent is authorized to buy or sell by its address and description to reduce the risk of misuse it is best when specifying the real estate involved to include these identifiers an even riskier option is a general financial power of attorney these provide your agent broad general powers to transact financial matters and manage banking investment and retirement...
What is specific power attorney?
A special power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes one person, called an agent or an attorney in fact, to act on behalf of another person, known as the principal, under specific, clearly laid-out circumstances.
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